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Caribbean Villa News / February 2005 / Luminous Lagoon /

Luminous Lagoon, Falmouth, Jamaica

The Luminous Lagoon is one of Jamaica's natural wonders.

This lagoon, surrounded by mangroves, is home to microscopic organisms that emit a phosphorescent light when the water is agitated. Plan your trip for dusk and then take a boat ride onto the lagoon. As the water is disturbed, you'll see an eerie light illuminating the waters below. Wave your hands or drag a stick in the water to make the water glow in the dark. Those who wish can swim in the luminous waters as well. (The lagoon is about is about 4-5 feet deep at the center.) Boats leave from the Glistening Waters Marina, where there is also a restaurant and nightclub. Visitors can enjoy dinner at the Glistening Waters restaurant while watching the bioluminescent show on the water. For more information, visit

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